In our culture saturated with busyness we have a desire and thirst to connect to something much larger than ourselves: God.

Once a girl in my class, after hearing a moving story about a miracle said, “I want to have an awesome story like that! I want God to speak to me! I want to experience something amazing!” Many of us long for the exact same thing in our lives. I mean, this can’t be all there is to this life right?

So how do we “make” God speak to us? The concept is simple, yet ancient. It comes from way back when the earth was much more populated with monks and nuns who heard God speak to them frequently. Yet, the same thing can be experienced by the average person today.

You see, many come to the table with the assumption that God doesn’t want to speak to us, or that we aren’t good enough to merit God’s time and efforts. There’s a simple process that I know if you’re willing to try, you will hear the voice of God.

God wants to speak to all of us, yes, everyone. God longs for the opportunity to guide us, direct us and even bless us. Problem is: WE ARE TOO BUSY TO HEAR GOD! So how will we ever have an experience like the girl in my class wanted? Let’s carve out a space in our lives for God.

I challenge you to try an ancient spiritual practice called, Lectio Divina. It’s quite simple really.

LECTIO: First, find a quiet place where you can be alone without distraction.

Then choose a section of the Bible to read. Don’t choose a super long section, just 10-12 verses will do.

Ask God to speak to you.

Read it.

Read it again.

Read it again slowly.

Read it until you find yourself drawn to a phrase or even just a word.

MEDITATIO: Once you have found a phrase or a word from the Scripture meditate on this, think about it, pray about it. What does this mean for me? What is God asking me to do?

ORATIO: Pray; speak to God. Ask God what he wants from You.

CONTEMPLATIO: Be still, be quiet, rest and just listen. Listen and rest some more.

Try this and you will hear a word from God in your soul. There’s nothing more soothing and inspirational as connecting to God.
Yes! There IS more than just what this world has to offer. I hope this process will help you find it.

by Jeni Martin <><