Discipleship Groups

New Discipleship Groups are conducted on the 2nd floor classrooms after the Weekly Meal. Information will be updated as changes are made.

Facilitated by Chris Hunsucker | Room 227

– The Beginning: First Steps for New Disciples
– The Way: Discovering Christ’s Path of Discipleship
– The Call: Counting the Cost of Following Christ
– The Truth: Engaging the Foundations of the Faith
– The Life: Living the Spiritual Disciplines
– The Mission: Joining God in His Work
Workbook – $10 each

The Priscilla Shirer
“Discerning the Voice of God”
Facilitated by Janet Davis | Room 224

In this revised edition you will discover the root to a clear and daily communication with God’s-humble obedience. Learn about His blessings for us and how to help us discern His voice in everyday life.
Twelve week video/workbook series – $10 each

Christ-Centered Exposition
“The Gospel of Luke”
Facilitated by Mark Hall | Room 229

The Gospel of Luke explores Jesus’s key roles including Savior; God’s Son; prophet, priest, and king; the Lamb of God; the crucified Christ; and the resurrected Lord.
Commentary -$10 each

Christ-Centered Exposition
“Exalting Jesus in Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk”
Facilitated by Vernece Willett | Room 231

This exposition series shows the depth of the message of the Minor Prophets, unearthing the riches of God’s grace and pointing toward the coming Messiah.
Commentary-$10 each

Letters to the Church – by Francis Chan
Video with a study guide and books will be offered Facilitated by Rick Davis | Room 225

Francis Chan is a pastor, speaker and bestselling author. Chan guides Christ followers to live out God’s magnificent and beautiful vision for His church-a vision we may have lost, but God has never forgotten.

God used the death of the parents early in childhood to give him a deep understanding of the brevity of life. This has shaped his life and teaching with an eternal perspective, as he continues to challenge believers to live on mission, willing to surrender everything.