Discipleship Groups

Our new Discipleship Groups will begin Wednesday, August 30 at 6:15 pm in the 2nd floor classrooms after the Weekly Meal.

Discovering Church Membership
Facilitated by Dr. Scotty Carpenter – Room 229
Discovering Church Membership is a six session class designed to explore what it means to be part of First Baptist Church. We will explore why we are here and our strategy and vision for leading people through the journey of life. This class is open to anyone who would like to discover more about how we fulfill our purpose as a church.

Caring for Aging Loved Ones
Facilitated by Karen Hall – Room 224
If you are facing the prospect of caring for an aging loved one or are currently in the midst of it, here’s the help you need to manage the practical, emotional and spiritual aspects of caregiving. This class will give you resources to help find quality medical care, financial and legal advice, and other end-of-life issues.

The Peacemaker
Facilitated by Mark Hall – Room 231
In this class you will experience the healing power of Biblical peacemaking as you learn to apply scriptural principals to conflict in the world around you. The Peacemaker is full of wisdom and useful suggestions that are easily applied to any relationship needing reconciliation.

Fresh Wind Fresh Faith
Facilitated by Vernece Willett – Room 230
God moves in life-changing ways when we set aside our own agendas, take Him at His word and listen for His voice. Pastor Jim Cymbala shows in Fresh Wind Fresh Faith what the Holy spirit can do when believers get serious about prayer and the gospel.

Faith & Fandom
Facilitated by Rick Davis – Room 225
Faith & Fandom is a collection of twenty-two essays that show the intersection of pop culture and faith. This study uses movies, television, comics and video games to bring Christian values to participants. It aims to offer fresh perspective, hope and entertainment.