Discipleship Groups

New Discipleship Groups will begin soon in the 2nd floor classrooms after the Weekly Meal. Information will be updated as changes are made.

Discovering Church Membership
Facilitated by Scotty Carpenter | Room 225

Inaugurated Eschatology
We will explore the eschatological nature of the Old & New Testaments, a biblical view of history, the Kingdom of God and how inaugurated eschatology shapes our daily living.
Facilitated by: Dan Wood|Room 227

The Circle Maker
These inspiring stories will encourage you to take your prayer lives to a new level that will honor the power of God. You will be inspired to draw prayer circles around your family, friends, and yourself.
Facilitated by: Vernece Willett | Room 230

The Foundations
This DVD series reveals the alarming state of Christianity today and what the church can do about it. This curriculum will equip your group or class to stand on the Word of God and defend it with confidence and boldness.
Facilitated by: Chris Hunsucker | Room 224

Unscripted – Sharing the Gospel as Life Happens
Unscripted empowers you to embrace a way of life that connects you with the spiritual power needed to effectively witness.
Facilitated by: Mark Hall & Jeni Johnson | Room 229