Missions Overview

First Baptist Church of Asheboro has many mission opportunities to serve others, not only abroad – but in our local community. Our Missions reach out, help, and show the love of Jesus Christ. For some of the people we help, it is the first time they see that love.

Current Mission Opportunities

• Disaster Relief through Baptist Men
• MFUGE Greenville, SC – Students/Youth and Chaperones
• Red Springs, NC – Children and Parents
• West Virginia – Construction and Youth ministry
• Wyoming – Camp cook team and evangelism

• Albania – Serve with the Zenelis
• Guatemala – Serve with the Grossmans
• Thailand – Serve with the Taylors

Mission Opportunities:
If interested in volunteering or have questions, please contact the mission leaders or Jeni Martin Johnson at (336) 629-9191. More teams to be announced as they are created.