Children’s Choirs

The goal of the Children’s Choir ministry is to raise up a new generation of worshipers. This ministry exists to cause children to grow spiritually, while developing lifelong worship and discipleship values.  There is a great mix of new music, classic and current praise and worship songs, as well as contemporary Christian music.

Watching kids worship authentically in rehearsals and seeing the power of their leadership during worship services are two of the most moving things I’ve ever experienced.  When we teach kids to engage in worship and, in turn, motivate a congregation to do the same, we have done something eternal. Hearts are changed, and Jesus is exalted.

 Children’s Choir GROUPS

Preschool Music
Room 312 – For preschoolers ages 4 and 5(by August 31)

Younger Children’s Choir
Room 310 – For grades 1–3 (by August 31)

Older Children’s Choir
Room 212 (Music Suite) – For grades 4–6 (by August 31)