First Baptist Church - Asheboro, NC

Welcome to First Baptist Church! We have a saying that goes, “There are no strangers here, only friends we have yet to meet.” That’s our goal and aim. We are a people drawn together by the love of Jesus to be friends of God and friends with each other.

Relationships are a major focus for us. Everything we do is designed to build and strengthen our relationships with God, ourselves, and others. Through worship, prayer, fellowship, education, ministry, and missions we build relationships that last. We know how valuable friends are.

We also know the joy they bring to life. So helping people build quality friendships is important to us. That’s why, right away, you’ll meet people with open arms and hearts, ready to call you “friend.”

We offer plenty of ways for you to build quality, lasting Christian friendships. Here, you’ll make friends with whom you can freely share your joys and sorrows, fears and frustrations. These friends will walk with you, pray with you, and seek to be all they can be in Christ for you. Together we seek to become all Christ wants for us and join with him in what he is doing in the world.