FAQs – Using your myFBC account

How do I make contributions online?

There are 3 simple ways to give to myFBC online. You can:
(1) Click on the “Give Now” button on the church’s website

(2) You can click on “Give Now” on the bottom left corner of your myFBC homepage; OR

(3) You can go to the “Giving” tab in your myFBC account. You can set up a one-time gift or you can choose to set up regularly scheduled recurring donations.

Choose from a list of church funds to give to. You can give via your credit/debit card or directly from your checking or savings bank account. Your receipt will be emailed to you. You can also view your giving history by choosing this option on your myFBC homepage or under the Giving tab of your myFBC account.

Can I look up contact information for others in the church with myFBC?

Yes, as long as they have chosen to allow their information to be shared in myFBC, you can look up others’ name, address, telephone number, email and picture if they have provided any or all of this information to FBC.

Simply type in the Last and/or First Name in the Search bar on the middle right side of your myFBC dashboard screen and hit Search. If the person you are searching for doesn’t appear, they have not given permission for us to share their information on myFBC.

What if I want to limit the information about me that is shared on myFBC?

Hover over the Home tab at the top of your myFBC dashboard page and choose My Account for the dropdown menu given. Under My Account, you will see three tabs, choose Personal Preferences. Here you can limit the information about you and your family that is available to others in the church on myFBC.

Simply uncheck the box indicating the type of information that you don’t want shared and click on the Save button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

How can I update or change my email address, myFBC password or Social Networking information in myFBC?

Hover over the Home tab at the top of your myFBC dashboard page and choose My Account for the dropdown menu given. Under My Account, you will see three tabs, choose Account Settings.

Here you can change this information if needed. You can also add additional contact information to your myFBC account by hovering over the Home tab and choosing My Profile from the dropdown menu.

Can I view or print a Church Directory from myFBC?

Yes, click on the Directories tab of your dashboard page and choose either Print a Family Directory or Print a Family Directory with Photos and click the View Directory button.

Please remember, this will only show those who have given authorization to share their photo/information in myFBC, not necessarily everyone in the church will be included here. If you would like to print the Directory, choose the Print button in the top right hand corner of the page.

How do I see what events are upcoming on the church calendar?

Hover over the Events tab at the top of your myFBC homepage and choose Calendar from the dropdown menu. This will bring up the church calendar for the current month and will show all published events scheduled at the church. Click on an event on the calendar for more information about that event.

You can also go back to prior months or forward to future months by choosing at the top of the calendar. Another shortcut to view events is to simply click on a date under the My Calendar section of your myFBC dashboard homepage located in the middle left side of the page. This will list the published activities at the church for that date.

What if a piece of information about me in myFBC is incorrect?

Please email or call Shannon in the church office and let her know the correct information.

Is there any other source of help to show me how to navigate around myFBC?

Yes, click on more information at the top right corner of your myFBC dashboard page and choose the topic you would like more information on. This help section will likely have much more information than you need, but it is just another resource to help learn about the myFBC tool.

There are other functions in myFBC that I can’t use or don’t understand, what are they for?
There are several other functions that myFBC can do that have not been activated yet but will be at a future time. More information will be made available about these functions when they are activated.