Multi-Housing Ministries of Asheboro (MHMA)

The Multi-Housing Ministries of Asheboro (MHMA) is a volunteer program to help at-risk children in the local area. Volunteers sit down with children and help them do their homework. We also need volunteers to assemble snacks and give them out and pray with children.

MHMA Field Trip

Many of our faithful volunteers feel burdened that our MHMA children really need us with them more than we are. The more volunteers we have the more of a difference we can make in the lives of these at-risk children. We can share the Gospel Message more with these children and families the more hands and mouths we have in MHMA. Are you willing to come check us out and give us a try?

MHMA Coleridge
2:30 pm grades (K-3)

3:45 pm grades (4-6)

MHMA Pineview
4:00 pm and 5:00 pm

How can I help?
You do not have to commit to weekly volunteering. Can you come once-a-month? Twice a month? We LOVE it when groups plan and provide our children with special events like parties and or field trips. Contact Jeni Martin for more details: (336) 629-9191 or Jeni Martin Johnson.

Study sessions at MHMA