Editing Pages

NOTE: DO NOT UPDATE THE WORDPRESS OR PLUGINS. You may see a “Please update now.” message, but do not do so. It is done server side and doing so from here can break the site.
Where To Go To Edit Pages: Head to the page you wish to edit and look for the green “Edit this page” link. From there, you will be taken to the “Edit Page” area for that particular page. You can also go to the “Pages” section to the left as well and search through.

Basic Editing: You can edit using the “Visual” or “HTML” tab – Preferably use the HTML view to make sure any code isn’t accidently deleted. The Toolbar just above the Text Area has some basic formatting.

Previewing: If you like to preview your changes before updating, look to the sidebar on your right and select “Preview Update”. Once your edits are done, look to the sidebar on your right and select “Update”.

Note on Using Text via Copy/Paste: If you are working from MS Word (or similar), cut and paste any text into a “neutral” text program such as Notepad (Win) or TextEdit (Mac). This is due to the formatting issues caused when cutting and pasting from MS Word or similar programs.

Inserting Images into Pages: This link gives a good rundown of the process: http://codex.wordpress.org/Inserting_Images_into_Posts_and_Pages

Images: Here are the dimensions used for the site. Please use the dimensions as indicated, as using larger images can cause issues with the page’s viewing.

Picture/Image Dimensions:
Large Picture – 610px by 410px @72dpi (You can go taller, but the width has to 610px)
Small Picture – 610px by 300px @72dpi
Slider – 924px by 345px @72dpi

Working with Images:
The best scenario is using a photo editor like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp or any related software or app that can allow you to resize, crop and optimize images (for the web in this case). Gimp: http://www.gimp.org/downloads/

Image Formats:
Using .jpgs are your best choice for this site. PNG files tend to be larger, so avoid these.

Optimization goals vs file size:
Your goal is to keep images under 200kb. Anything larger takes a bit to load on older systems. If you need to fake a transparency, use a background color of #f7f7f7 in photoshop/gimp in a background layer.